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Contact Us:

Postal Address:
Department of Physics,
IIT Bombay, Powai,
Mumbai - 400076
Tel.:91 22-2576 7551 (office).
Fax: 91 22-2576 7552.

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The pride of the Physics Department is definitely its research. A team of thirty professors and forty research students works in every major area of physics.

Various cutting edge machines and instruments are also available in the Department. As an example, there are instruments which achieve the different methods of thin film deposition. There is also a sophisticated laser/photonics lab.

The research at the Physics Department has been categorized:

Experimental :

Condensed Matter Physics: Thin Films and Multilayers, GroupIII nitride, Langmuir-Blodgett, Diamond and Magnetic. Phase transitions in magnetic materials, Superconductors and transport properties.

Photonics and Optics: Non-linear optical processes and ultrafast optical switching, holographic interferometry and laser spectroscopy.

Nuclear Physics: Nuclei at high angular momentum, fusion-fission reactions, and relativistic heavy ion collisions.

Theoretical :

Atomic Physics: Atomic and ionic interactions - A Quantum description.

Condensed Matter Physics: Many body theories, Electronic structure and phase stability of ordered and disordered alloys, Carbon onions and nano tubes, Surface physics, Electron gas.

High Energy Physics: Particle physics phenomenology, CP violation, Grand unified theories, Solitonic solutions, Nonperturbative techniques, The Early Universe.

Nuclear Physics: Relativistic, Non - relativistic description of Exotic Nuclei, Dense and Hot Nuclear matter, Nuclear scattering and reactions.

Statistical Physics: Non-equilibrium Systems, Glassy Dynamics, 2-dimensional equilibrium critical systems, Fluids, Biophysics and Dynamics of Polymers.

Info for Prospective Students Department of Physics Got the 3rd Prize in the TechConnect 2014-R&D Exhibition held at IIT Bombay Congratulations to the entire team of PhD students, Staff and Faculties
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