Prof. Urjit A Yajnik
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- 207B Physics Department

Research Interests: 

Unification and Cosmology

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Seeking clues for the unification of fundamental forces in the context of  Cosmology

Incorporate small nutrino masses

Explore left-right symmetry at TeV to PeV scale

Cosmological impact of spontaneous parity breaking

Seeking connection between supersymmetry breaking and parity breaking

Seeking the effects of Planck scale physics in suppressing unwanted relics

Strong new physics manifested as excited fermions



Selected Publications: 
  • Narendra Sahu, Urjit A. Yajnik, 2005 "Gauged B - L symmetry and baryogenesis via leptogenesis at TeV scale" Phys.Rev. D71, 023507 
  • Anjishnu Sarkar, Abhishek, Urjit A. Yajnik 2007 "PeV scale left-right symmetry and baryon asymmetry of the Universe", Nucl.Phys. B800, 253-269 
  • Sudhanwa Patra, Anjishnu Sarkar, Utpal Sarkar, Urjit Yajnik, 2009. "Spontaneous Parity Violation in a Supersymmetric Left-Right Symmetric Model" Phys.Lett. B679,  386-389 
  • Sasmita Mishra, Urjit A. Yajnik, 2009 "Spontaneously broken parity and consistent cosmology with transitory domain walls" Phys.Rev. D81, 045010 
  • Debasish Borah, Urjit A. Yajnik, 2011 "Supersymmetric Left-Right models with Gauge Coupling Unification and Fermion Mass Universality" Phys.Rev. D83, 095004
  • Bum-Hoon Lee, Wonwoo Lee, Richard MacKenzie, M.B. Paranjape, U.A. Yajnik, Dong-han Yeom, 2013, "Tunneling decay of false vortices" Phys.Rev. D88, 085031 
  • Production and decay rates of excited leptons in a left-right symmetric scenario Piyali BanerjeeUrjit A. YajnikPhys.Rev. D90 (2014) no.9, 095023 
  Edited Proceedings
  • C S Aulakh, Kuldeep Kuar and Urjit Yajnik, Ed.s, "Proceedings of UNICOS-2014 International Workshop on Unification and Cosmology after Higgs discovery and BICEP2" Springer link Pramana 86 (2016)