First Semester
Course code Course Name
PH503 Condensed Matter Physics
EP401 Analytical Techniques
EP313 General Physics Lab III(Optics+Spec)
EP497 Research Project*
EP451 Thermal and Statistical Physics
EP405 Methods in Analytical Techniques
PH440 Atomic and Molecular Physics
PH505 Nuclear & Particle Physics
Course code Course Name
EP413 Applied Solid State Physics
EP415 Quantum Optics
PH513 Advanced Magnetic Materials and Applications
Second Semester
Course code Course Name
PH 502* Electromagnetic Theory-II
PH504 Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
PH506 Elementary Particle Physics
PH508 General Theory of Relativity
PH510 Quantum Information and Computing
PH514 Theoretical Nuclear Physics
PH516 Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
PH518 Advanced Simulation Thechniques in Physics
EP434 Nanomaterials, Nanostructures and Nanofabrication
EP436 Superconductivity and Low Temperature Physics
MM474 Science and Technology of Thin Films
AE415 Flight Mechanics
EE724 Nano-electronics
EE606 Fibre Optics Communications
Course code Course Name
EP426 Physics of Quantum Devices
EP427 Thin Film Physics and Technology
EP402 Physics of Quantum Devices
EP498 Research Project*
EP452 Light Matter Interactions
Institute Elective-III
Departmental Elective-II
Departmental Elective-III
Departmental Elective-IV
Institute Elective-II