First Semester
Course code Course Name Course Type
PH403 Quantum Mechanics I (MSc)
PH117 Physics Lab
PH407 Mathematical Physics I
PH801 Classical Methods of Particles & Fields
PH411 Physics Lab I
EP413 Advanced Statistical Mechanics Elective
PH803 Computer Programming and Numerical Methods
PH523 Quantum Mechanics III Elective
EP501 Optical Properties of Nanostructured Materials Elective
EP409 Applied Solid State Physics Elective
CH 105 Organic + Inorganic Chemistry
EP409 Applied Solid State Physics
CH 107 Physical Chemistry
PH419 Physics of Biological Systems Elective
BB101 Biology
ME119 Engg. Graphics & Drawing
EP228 Quantum Mechanics I
PH107 Quantum Physics & Applications
EP494 B.Tech. Project II
EP594 Dual Degree Project II
EP425 Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
CH117 Chemistry Lab
EP431 Semiconductor Physics
EP317 Electronics Laboratory-IV(Digital Laboratory)
EP493 B.Tech Project I
EP219 Data Analysis & Interpretation
EP593 Dual Degree Project I
PH542 Non-Linear Dynamics
PH401 Classical Mechanics (MSc)
EP309 Photonics
PH405 Electronics
PH454 Light Matter Interaction
PH414 Electronics Laboratory
EP207 Introduction to Special Theory of Relativity
PH792 Communication Skills -II
EP209 Thermal Physics
PH409 Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics I
EP223 Electronics Lab II: Analog Circuits
PH412 Physics Lab II
MA207 Ordinary Differential Equation II
HS101 Economics
PH440 Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics
PH505 Introduction to Nuclear & Particle Physics
EP313 General Physics Lab III(Optics+Spec)
PH595 Project I
EP315 Electronics Lab III (Microprocessor Lab)
EP215 Electronics Lab I: Basic Circuits
EP222 Classical Mechanics I
EP415 Introduction to Physics of Nanoparticles and Nanostructures Elective
EP503 Advanced Magnetic Materials and their Applications Elective
PH301 Quantum Mechanics II
PH520 Group Theoretical Methods in Physics Elective
EP332 Thermal and Statistical Physics
Second Semester
Course code Course Name Course Type
PH544 General Theory of Relativity Elective
PH522 Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Elective
EE606 Fibre Optics Communications Elective
PH802 Quantum and Statistical Mechanics: Advanced Methods Elective
PH304 Statistical Physics (MSc)
PH409 Condensed Matter Physics
PH810 Advanced Simulation Techniques in Physics Elective
PH413 Programming Lab
PH422 Quantum Mechanics II
EP409 Applied Solid State Physics Elective
EP454 Light Matter Interactions Elective
PH534 Quantum Info. & Computing Elective
PH525 Electromagnetic Theory II
PH810 Advanced Simulation Techniques in Physics
EP598 Project Stage II
CS101 Computer Prog. & Utilization
EP412 Nanomaterials, Nanostructures & Nanofabrication
BB101 Biology
EP432 Physics of Nanostructures and nanoscale Devices
EE112 Introduction to Electronics
EP439 Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Nanoscience
MA108 Ordinary Differential Equations I
PH310 Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics
ME113 Workshop
PH426 Astrophysics Elective
PH117 Physics Lab
EP226 Waves, Oscillations and Thermodynamics
EP230 Electronics Lab III: Digital Electronics
PH424 Electromagnetic Theory-I (MSc)
EP213 Physics Lab I
PH811 Laboratory Techniques
PH408 Mathematical Physics II
EP408 Methods in Experimental Nuclear & Particle Physics
EP311 General Physics Lab II(SSP+NP)
PH108 Basics of Electricity & Magnetism
MA106 Linear Algebra
PH512 Physics Lab IV
EP320 Statistical Physics(EP)
PH596 Project II
EP426 Physics of Quantum Devices
EP410 Advanced Photonics Elective
EP427 Thin Film Physics and Technology Elective
EP252 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics Elective
EP322 Supervised Learning
PH306 Continuum Mechanics
PH432 Condensed Matter Physics Elective
PH308 Electromagnetic Theory-I (EP)
PH540 Elementary Particle Physics Elective
PH409 (EP) Condensed Matter Physics(EP)