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Department Academic Mentorship Program (D-AMP)

The Department Academic Mentorship Programme (D-AMP), under the aegis of the Institute Student Mentorship Programme (ISMP), deals with students in undergraduate departments who are facing severe academic problems. The programme identifies select senior students from each department to act as mentors for a set of junior students and help them cope with any academic problems they may face in the department or otherwise. The primary aim is to ensure that the weak students clear their backlogs and get their academic careers back on track. The D-AMP mentors, along with the Faculty Advisors and Department Faculty Coordinators, work towards achieving this goal through early identification and constant monitoring of the students concerned.

The D-AMPs act under the supervision of the respective D-AMP Coordinators (DAMC) in consultation with the ISMP Cabinet. The D-AMP is responsible for the academic well-being of the students in the department. The coordinators and mentors are assigned certain duties and privileges to help them achieve this goal. Apart from these, the D-AMP is expected to undertake any activities or new initiatives that would be beneficial to the department, such as course mentoring, updating of documents and backlog lists, involvement and meetings with the Faculty Coordinator, Faculty Advisors and the Head of Department, etc.

The DAMP Team also maintains a blog website containing various resources, course reviews, AMAs and much more.

Link to the new DAMP Blog (Under Construction): https://epdampiitb.github.io

Old DAMP Blog: https://phyiitb.blogspot.com