First Semester
Course code Course Name Course Type
PH543 Advanced Statistical Mechanics Elective
PH523 Quantum Mechanics III Elective
PH569 Applied Solid State Physics Elective
PH549 Physics of Biological Systems Elective
PH559 Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Elective
PH575 Nanoscience: Fundamentals to Fabrication Elective
PH567 Non-Linear Dynamics Elective
PH565 Semiconductor Physics Elective
PH527 Physics Lab (Solid State and Nuclear Physics)
PH515 Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics
PH505 Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics
PH595 M.Sc. Project stage I
PH563 Group Theory Methods in Physics Elective
PH561 Ultra fast Sciences Elective
PH557 Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Elective
Second Semester
Course code Course Name Course Type
PH500 Thin Film Physics and Technology Elective
PH562 Continuum Mechanics Elective
PH566 Advanced Simulation Techniques in Physics Elective
PH534 Quantum Information & Computing Elective
PH556 Astrophysics Elective
PH550 Soft Matter Physics Elective
PH554 Computational Many Body Physics Elective
PH 564 Methods in Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics Elective
PH572 Special Topics in Elementary Particle Physics Elective
PH576 Nanoscale Quantum Transport Elective
PH578 Nanodevices and Applications Elective
PH580 Magnetism and Superconductivity Elective
PH546 Quantum Optics Elective
PH 530 Light Matter Interaction
PH510 Electromagnetic Theory II
PH512 Physics Lab (Optics and Spectroscopy)
PH596 M.Sc. Project stage II
PH540 Elementary Particle Physics Elective
PH544 General Theory of Relativity Elective