Department Council

Department Council

Department Council is a small body of representatives of B.Tech., Dual Degree and MSc students, generally elected by an election every year. This body provides a single point of contact to all the Professors and students for transferring queries, suggestions and complaints both ways. It also represent the department in institute level students’ bodies like Students’ Academic Council, Placement Cell and SARC.

The council aims to help students in every possible manner in their academic issues, department infrastructure and facilities and help in placements and applications for higher studies.

Department council also plays an integral role in providing students’ feedback on various topics to department authorities for further action. Department General Secretary is a member of DUGC meetings to raise up student demands and provide students’ view in policies. From other side, professors and department authorities can reach us anytime to announce an information effectively or to convey any order/message to students.

Together with DAMP team, the council helps in conducting orientation sessions, talks, and academic help to students which is carried out by DAMP mentors mostly. Any student with any academic issue is advised to meet General Secretary or any other council member for suggestions and further action.

Department Council Members (2015-2016)

Anchal GuptaDepartment General Secretarygsec.phy.iitb@gmail.com08286005181
Ayush BabelDepartment Placement Coordinator (BTech + DD)ayush.babel05@gmail.com09967309512
Richa PhogatDepartment Placement Coordinator (MSc)riphogat@gmail.com08452063003
Amal VatsDepartment Alumni Secretaryamal05vats@gmail.com09004512414
Sandesh KalantreDepartment Website and Computer Lab Secretarykalantresandesh@gmail.com09881130761
Ashish NandaDepartment Newletter Chief Editorashishnanda.694@gmail.com08452023317