Nitin Kumar
Assistant Professor
+91-22-2576 5553


Research Interests: 

1. Active Matter: Drawing the motivation from anomalous dynamics of living organisms in nature like flocking birds, schooling fish, etc., my lab is interested in designing mechanical imitations of these phenomena. The building components are used from diverse sources ranging from millimeters long granular particles to microscopic biopolymers found in living cells. 

2. Bio-active materials: A majority of mechanobiological processes originate from complex non-equilibrium dynamics of cytoskeletal biopolymer proteins. We are interested in creating active materials composed of such biopolymer proteins with tunable physical and mechanical properties.

3. Non-equilibrium statistical physics: We are interested in exploring physical laws governing non-equilibrium dynamics exhibited by active materials. We use underlying fluctuations to extract information about dynamical phases in non-equilibrium steady states.

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Selected Publications: 

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