Amitabha Nandi
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 

The research in my group focuses on the physics of biological systems. We study biophysical processes at the cellular and tissue scales using theoretical and computational techniques. We are interested in understanding how an observed physical or mechanical process is regulated by the underlying bio-chemical process(es) and vice versa. To do this, we use methods from statistical physics, nonlinear dynamics and soft-matter physics.

Research Interests:

  • Collective phenomena in biological active matter
  • Pattern formation during morphogenesis
  • Active and passive transport inside cells



  • Advanced Statistical Mechanics
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Basics of Electricity and Magnetism
Selected Publications: 

After Joining IIT Bombay (Full List)

Influence of interaction softness in phase separation of active particles
Monika Sanoria, Raghunath Chelakkot, and Amitabha Nandi.
(under review) (2021).

Capture of a diffusive prey by multiple predators in confined space
Indrani Nayak, Amitabha Nandi, and Dibyendu Das.
Physical Review E102, 062109 (2020) 

Dynamics of cytokinetic ring in the weak flow coupling limit
Mainak Chatterjee, Arkya Chatterjee, Amitabha Nandi, and Anirban Sain.
(preprint) (2020).
Cyto-architecture constrains the spread of photoactivated tubulin in syncitial Drosophila embryo.
Sameer Thukral, Bivash Kaity, Bipasha Dey, Swati Sharma, Amitabha Nandi, Mithun Mitra, and Richa Rikhy.
The International Journal of Developmental Biology, 64, 265 (2020).
Comparison of mechanisms of kinetochore capture with varying number of spindle microtubules.
Indrani Nayak, Dibyendu Das, and Amitabha Nandi.
Physical Review Research, 2, 013114 (2020).
Non-gaussian subdiffusion of single-molecule tracers in a hydrated polymer network.
R. K. Singh, Jaladhar Mahato, Arindam Chowdhury, Anirban Sain, and Amitabha Nandi. 
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 152, 024903 (2020).

First Passage of a particle in a potential under stochastic resetting: A vanishing transition of optimal resetting rate
Saeed Ahmad, Indrani Nayak, Ajay Bansal, Amitabha Nandi, and Dibyendu Das.
Physical Review E, 99, 022130 (2019).

Intrinsic stochastic resonance via set-point variation
Kunaal Joshi, Ishant Tiwari, Amitabha Nandi, and P. Parmananda.
Physical Review E98, 012218 (2018).

Active dynamics of tissue shear flow.
Marko Popović, Amitabha Nandi, Matthias Merkel, Raphaël Etournay, Suzanne Eaton, Frank Jülicher, Guillaume Salbreux.
New Journal of Physics, 19, 033006 (2017).

Before Joining IIT Bombay (Selected List)

Interplay of Cell Dynamics and Epithelial Tension during Morphogenesis of the Drosophila Pupal Wing.
Raphaël Etournay*, Marko Popovic*, Matthias Merkel*, Amitabha Nandi*, Corinna Blasse, Benoit Aigouy, Holger Brandl, Gene Myers, Guillaume Salbreux, Frank Jülicher, Suzanne Eaton. 
Elife, 4, e07090 (2015). 
*Equal contribution 

Regulated tissue fluidity steers zebrafish body elongation.
Andrew K. Lawton, Amitabha Nandi, Michael J. Stulberg, Nicolas Dray, Michael W. Sneddon, William Pontius, Thierry Emonet, Scott A. Holley. 
Development, 140, 573 (2013).
Pivoting of microtubules around the spindle pole accelerates kinetochore capture.
Iana Kalinina, Amitabha Nandi, Petrina Delivani, Mariola R.Chacón, Anna H. Klemm, Damien Ramunno-Johnson, Alexander Krull, Benjamin Lindner, Nenad Pavin, Iva M. Tolic-Nørrelykke. 
Nature Cell Biology, 15, 82 (2013).
Distribution of diffusion measures from a local mean-square displacement analysis.
Amitabha Nandi, Doris Heinrich, Benjamin Lindner. 
Phys. Rev. E, 86, 021926 (2012).
Local motion analysis reveals impact of the dynamic cytoskeleton on intracellular subdiffusion.
Marcus Otten*, Amitabha Nandi*, Delphine Arcizet, Mari Gorelashvili, Benjamin Lindner, Doris Heinrich. 
Biophysical Journal, 102, 758 (2012). 
*Equal contribution

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