Students' Association of the Physics Department

Students’ Association of Physics Department (SAPD) is a students’ body recognized by Department of Physics, which undertakes responsibility of organizing informal events for all B.Tech, Dual Degree and MSc students. Our aim is to improve intra-department interaction among students and make their stay at IIT Bombay a joyful experience. Together with Department Council, SAPD tries to cover all the spheres of a student life at IIT Bombay.

Our events include Department trip (past trips being at Goa, Kashid Beach, Alibagh Fort etc), Department Treks, Department Picture day, Tea Parties, Department Freshers' Welcome, Intra- department sports tournaments , Valfi (you will know what it is once you are IIT Bombay) , Department T-shirt and whatever any student wishes to be organized.

SAPD is partially funded by Department and partially by students’ fund contributed by incoming first year students every year as membership fee.

SAPD Office Bearers (2015-2016)

Mohammad QadishSAPD General Secretary 09004767853
Rutuja BoradeSAPD Cultural Coordinator 09867527383
Subhaskar MandalSAPD Sports Coordinator 09004513829

Please contact anyone above if you have any queries or wish any particular event to be organized.