Hridis Kumar Pal
Associate Professor

217 Physics

Research Interests: 

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

My interest lies in novel effects arising from either topology or interparticle interactions or a combination of both. These novel effects may manifest as exotic phases or uncovnentional responses to external fields, which I sutdy in various contexts. Systems of interest include 2D moiré systems (e.g., twisted bilayer graphene), topological semimetals (e.g., Weyl semimetals), certain correlated systems (e.g., Kondo insulator SmB6), and superconducting heterostructures (e.g., ferromagnetic Josephson junctions).

For more information on ongoing research activities and possible openings in my group, please refer to my personal website using the link given above.


Selected Publications: 

My publications are available on the arXiv.

I do not have any openings for project/internship for external students at this point. Please do not write to me requesting for one.

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