Hridis Kumar Pal
Assistant Professor

217 Physics

Research Interests: 

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

My interest lies in quantum materials where novel effects arise from either topological properties of the wavefunction or interparticle interactions. My goal is to provide a theoretical understanding of how these two factors manifest themselves in physical observables, particularly in magnetoresponse and transport. I like to work on problems that are experimentally relevant. Systems of interest include 2D van der Waals systems (e.g., twisted bilayer graphene), topological insulators and semimetals (e.g., Weyl semimetals), and certain correlated systems (e.g., Kondo insulator SmB6).


Selected Publications: 

My publications are available on the arXiv.


I do not have any opening for summer project at this point for external students. Please do not write to me requesting for one.

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