Condensed Matter Theory

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

A variety of new technologies are based on the discovery of novel materials. As such, it becomes essential to find out materials with enhances properties. Materials modelling plays an important role in the search and understanding of new materials. Over the years, materials based theory (especially the computational theory) have been extensively used to study the properties of complex materials. Such theories often help to get a better insight into the microscopic properties of these systems. One of the main goal of this group is to carry out research with the above motivation.

The group works on various aspects of condensed matter physics. One of the primary focus is on developing advanced theory, algorithms and codes to explain various properties of materials such as crystal structure, magnetism, transport (both electrical and thermal) etc. In addition to the 3-dimensional bulk materials, the group also works extensively on low dimensional systems such as graphene, nanotubes, clusters etc. Various types of theoretical modelling along with the state of the art first principles calculations (based on Density Functional Theory) are used to understand the behaviour of these materials at different scales.